Looking for feedback on your story, plot, and characters?


Need help nailing that logline or synopsis for your pitch?

As a script editor, I provide verbal and written notes to help you through the writing process. Improve your writing and tailor your pitch!


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Want to pitch a French project to the English market? 

As a translator, I can help you break through the language and cultural barrier by capturing the essence of your story in the appropriate language.


Script Editor • Writer • Translator
Alizée Musson

Hi there, I’m Alizée – a script editor/consultant, writer, and translator with 6+ years of experience in script development. Working internationally in French and English, I provide writing, translation, and development support for screenwriters of all levels.

Based in London, I work across the film, TV, animation, and web content sectors on a freelance basis. I’ve been involved in a variety of projects with independent production companies and studios such as Entertainment One, Amazon Studio, and Disney. Since 2017, I’ve been a committee board member of Euroscript, a training and mentoring organisation for screenwriters, through which I teach a workshop on writing web series. I’m also a member of WFTV and The Society of Authors. In 2019, I was a jury member at the BAFTA Children’s Awards. Most recently, I was selected to take part in Midpoint’s Feature Launch 2022  development program as a script consultant trainee.



“Alizee has been a great script editor on our animated TV series project. She has demonstrated a great ability to deal with creatives of all types, from the obvious writer to designers, and consistently make sure that the world we have created was coherent from all perspectives, from the tone of voice of the characters to the position of props in the room. She is a great addition to any serial production team.”

Stefano Marrone
Managing Director at Nucco Brain

“I’m always impressed by Alizee’s reports. She has excellent skills as a script editor and consultant, and she deals with writers in a thoughtful and sympathetic way. Her feedback is perceptive and diligent, and shows real insight into the craft of screenwriting.”

Ian Long
Head of Script Consultancy at Euroscript

“Alizée participated as a screenplay reviewer for our 2017 Vail Screenplay Contest, an annual contest staged by the internationally recognised Vail Film Festival. Alizée’s reviews were thoughtful and objective. She showed a strong understanding of story, structure, characters, and dialogue. We would welcome Alizee to read for our contest again as she was one of our strongest reviewers”.

Sean Cross
Executive Director of the Vail Film Festival

“I have been fortunate to work with Alizée frequently over the last year and I’ve often described her as my secret weapon as she is gifted in story editing and screenwriter. Alizée has a solid understanding of themes, characters and structure of narrative pieces, along with great insight into the nuances that come with writing for different media. I highly recommend her to your team”.

Natasha Wheatley
Producer at Open Coast Media

“Alizée proved to be a detail oriented and empathetic script reader. She gave me clear feedback on themes and characters, and her suggestions on further developments on parts of the story were very helpful. I was working on a site specific audio walk and Alizée even came to one of the trial runs, to get a better understanding of the format. I would definitely use her again and recommend her to others”.

Sarah Rommedahl

“The expertise Alizée provided during the development of my script has been extremely valuable. It made me look at my work in many different ways to find solutions to story and structural problems”.

Marcus Parker Wood
Screenwriter / Director (Film)

“Alizee worked with me on my feature film script. The meeting was incredibly rewarding, not only offering personal insight into character development, story arch and plot holes, but she went above and beyond to provide me with external professional resources, that would help me in the next few steps of the film making process. Alizee’s knowledge and connections to the industry make her an invaluable resource for any script writer, I can’ t recommend her enough.”

Matilda Hansson
Screenwriter / Director (Film)