Shamas Myriam Raja Creative England


Script Editor (uncredited)

PRODUCTION: 2016 – Directed by Myriam Raja (BAFTA nominee), co-produced by Creative England as part of their I-Shorts Program and Resource Productions

GENRE: Dystopian Drama – short-live action film.

SYNOPSIS: Set in England against the backdrop of a mass refugee crisis. Amongst the chaos and uncertainty of what lies ahead, is one young man who must question his own humanity when his need to survive takes precedence. How far is he willing to go?

SELECTIONS: Encounters (2017), London Short Film Festival (2017).

Gary Go Short



DEVELOPMENT & SELECTION: 2015 – Developed through the Go Short Film Festival Talent Campus (2015).

GENREDrama – short animation script.

SYNOPSIS: A middle-aged man with OCD and autism must fight to protect his precious paper collection from his mother who never accepted his condition and the curious neighbour boy always searching for material to make paper airplanes.

After FAMU Prague



PRODUCTION: 2014 – Director & DOP by Helga Stock, co-produced by FAMU (Film & TV Academy of the Performing Arts in Prague) and DFFB (Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin).

GENREDrama – short live-action film.

SYNOPSIS: On his last night, a man reflects upon the meaning of his existence and what has led him to choose suicide.

SELECTION: Developed through A Clear View Program by ARRI Berlin (2014).

Coffee to Go BFI Future Film

Coffee to Go


PRODUCTION: 2014 – Directed by Joshua Barlow, produced by the Arts University Bournemouth Animation Department.

GENREComedy – 3D animation short film.

SYNOPSIS: One rainy night, at a deserted airport, a tired businessman is desperate for a cup of coffee. Upon losing the previous drink, a wild chase around the airport begins to get it back before it turns cold.

SELECTION: BFI Future Film Festival (2015).

Playing Tricks Arts University Bournemouth

Playing Tricks


PRODUCTION: 2014 – Directed by Myriam Raja (BAFTA nominee), produced by the Arts University Bournemouth Film Department.

GENREFantasy – live-action short film.

SYNOPSIS: A young receptionist working in a small hotel in Istanbul daydreams of travelling to Paris when a mysterious magician enters and makes her dreams come true.

Wandering Library Arts University Bournemouth

Wandering Library


PRODUCTION: 2014 – Directed by Sarah Ismail, produced by the Arts University Bournemouth Animation Department.

GENREFantasy – 2D animation short film.

SYNOPSIS: Bullied by her fellow classmates,a young girl finds refuge inside her school library – little does she know that a magical library managed by sheep librarians hide amongst the shelves and that she will soon begin an adventure inside a magical parallel world. 

Menarche LSFF



PRODUCTION: 2013 – Directed by Myriam Raja(BAFTA nominee), produced by the Arts University Bournemouth Film Department.

GENREDrama – live-action short film.

SYNOPSIS: Upon getting her first period, a young teenager is introduced to the duties of a woman by her mother.

SELECTION: London Short Film Festival (2014).

Stop Motion Animation Producer Alizée Musson

Win the Game


PRODUCTION: 2013 – Directed by Anna Savva, produced by the Arts University Bournemouth Animation Department.

GENREComedy – Stop-motion animation short film.

SYNOPSIS: One game show candidate, three levels, from fighting a Yeti in snowy mountains to dangerous astronaut rabbits in space, who will win the game?

SELECTIONS: Balkanima Festival (2013), Animafest (2014).

Pangaea BFI Future Film



PRODUCTION: 2012 – Produced by the Arts University Bournemouth Film Department.

GENRE: Observational – documentary short film.

SYNOPSIS: England, Pakistan, the Netherlands – same time. Three women in three different countries go about their daily lives as we witness their interactions with water.

SELECTIONSBFI Future Film Festival (2013), Barbican Young and Short (2013).